Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in PattayaHatha Vinyassa is a practice that particularly suits people who enjoy active, dynamic styles of Yoga. There is an special element involved in practice – Vinyassa – a specific group of asanas (postures) that frame the main asana. Vinyassa is coordinated with the breath, and is executed very rapidly and rhythmically, in contrast to the main asana, that is static, and practiced longer, with calm and great focus. Because of the vinyassas, the body heats up, blood circulation and perspiration increase, so the body is purified from toxins. Because the body is heated, the risk of injury is reduced despite the “excessive zeal” in the implementation of the asanas. Weight loss occurs very fast thanks to “Vinyassa Yoga.”

This is a unique Yoga style that combines many different elements, which together develop right coordination, strength, flexibility and have a purifying effect on the body and help to focus the mind and turn the inner eye to the feelings and the processes occurring in the body. Hatha Vinyassa practice expands the boundaries of perception and helps the practitioner to achieve a new level of consciousness. In Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, we are looking for a balance between physical strength and flexibility, activity and relaxation, dynamics and statics, paying particular attention to the concentration, conscious breathing and a feeling of being here and now. Hatha Vinyassa yoga is an intensive practice, but at the same time we take into account the needs of beginners, and their capabilities. This practice is ideal for beginners, and for those who plan to continue to engage with dynamic forms of yoga like Vinyassa Flow or Ashtanga. Hatha Vinyassa yoga carefully and cautiously prepares the mind and body for this.

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