Stretching yoga

Stretching yoga in PattayaYoga Stretching is a class designed specifically for people who are just starting their acquaintance with the amazing world of Yoga. The system consists of exercises designed to work on the joints and muscles of the body, to improve their flexibility, mobility and performance. Also, this practice will teach one to protect the body from injury to the ligaments during all physical activities. Yoga Stretching exercises are static. With this practice, evenness of movement and holding the asana (posture) is very important. During practice, we achieve a nice tension in the muscles, but not a painful spasm.

In this kind of Yoga correct and deep breathing is a very important point; it improves brain function, cleanses the understanding, normalizes the nervous system and increases resistance to stress of all kinds. Yoga Stretching gives flexibility to the body, provides mobility to the joints, reduces muscle tension and helps the body to relax. It expands the range of available movements and allows ones movements to become freer and easier. By stretching different parts of the body, one focuses the attention on them and get mental contact with them, thus gradually leading one to better understanding of the body and oneself.

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