Prices for yoga

Unlimited for 2 weeks (any) 2300 THB

1-month Unlimited only 1-hour classes (without ashtanga yoga)       4000THB


1-month Unlimited for all classes                        5600THB
Unlimited Ashtanga 1 month                              4500THB
Unlimited 3 months for all classes                    13000THB
12 classes Ashtanga (1 month)                           3900THB
12 normal classes (1 h for 1 month)                   3300THB
Mixed card (5-1h/5 Ashtanga,1month)           3300THB
15 classes (any) 2 months                                   4500THB
8 classes(1 -hour) for 1 month                           2700THB
8 classes(ashtanga) for 1 month                       3000THB
3 classes ashtanga yoga 2 weeks                      1200THB
3 classes  (1-hour)  2 weeks                               1000THB
Drop-in 1 h class                                                 400THB
Drop in Ashtanga class                                      450THB


Private classes

1 person – THB1200

2 person – THB1600

Also we have a nice discount for a membership card for private classes.

We have gift cards also.

* About other discounts and conditions, you can know by e-mail

 or by phone +66620201794 +66983326218


Notice: All purchases are not refundable of transferable. All membership cards are valid for 30 days.


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