My passion for yoga began after the birth of my daughter when I wanted a standard load on the muscles ( tension and tone at the same time). In Thailand, in 2011 I found satisfaction in yoga. It’s full enjoyment when your body is in perfect harmony with flexibility and power. I have started with hatha yoga, but after I was introduced to Ashtanga yogam I understand: “Here it is! That’s what I was missing!”  I have started my practice under the guidance Sokotova Ekaterina (Kat), then attended ashtanga workshops of such a teachers as: Kino MacGregor, Boonchu Tanti, Tim Feldman, Tarik Thami. Regularly I go to Bangkok foк practice at Ashtanga Yoga Center Bangkok. In May 2015 passed Teacher Training 200 hours and received a certificate from an international organization Yoga Alliance to conduct the first series LED style Ashtanga  Yoga.  I fond of Ashtanga Yoga and, of course, I became a student in KPJAYI, I am visiting the Shala in Mysore every year to improve my practice and bring this energy to you.

Classes: Ashtanga Yoga,   Yoga for flexibility and strength




Authorized by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in April 2010 to teach Level 1 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Joyce is the first teacher from the Philippines to be awarded this honour. She has made it her life’s work to share the joy of Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by her Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois , Sharath R. Jois and Saraswathi.

Joyce first began practicing Ashtanga yoga in June 2005 with Clint Orchuk. She was instantly hooked to the synergy, beauty and peace that she felt when experiencing the union of movement with breath. By November on the same year she participated at David Swenson’s 40 hours workshop in Pure Yoga (Hong Kong). Filled with so much inspiration and enthusiasm she practiced as much as she could and when the time was right she made her first visit to Mysore, to learn with her Guruji Sri K Pattabhi Jois himself, in December 2005.

On her first 3 months in Mysore Joyce realized very quickly that she would like to begin teaching and to impart this great knowledge she had begun acquiring in Mysore . To form a solid foundation of yoga practice and philosophy, she travelled to the United States twice, first to take a 400 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training with Baba Hari Das in Mount Madonna Yoga Centre in California and then to take another 400 hours Yoga Alliance teacher training with Greenpath Yoga in San Francisco.

Since December 2005 Joyce has made 10 extended visits to Mysore and completed her Level 1 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. She has also studied with world renowned teachers such as Clayton Horton and Rolf Naujokat. Although the learning continues, she is now one of the relatively small numbers of teachers in the world qualified to teach Ashtanga Yoga in the ‘parampara’ style of Krishnamacharya. Joyce has gone on to teach in Sri Lanka (Body Bar & private clients at the Amanwella Resort) and the Philippines (Pulse yoga, Greenpath Boracay & Boracay Yoga) and at Pure Yoga HK.

In addition to teaching yoga, Joyce is also a very accomplished masseuse and body worker with an innate understanding of the human anatomy through practise and experience, and from the academic study of the human anatomy. Through this understanding and knowledge, she gives therapeutic and deep massages to aid the healing of the muscles and to release the toxins trapped deep within the muscles. She has for the past 4 years been based in Chiang Mai and been actively giving treatments to international students of Muay Thai Boxing whose bodies are constantly battered and has more recently been in New York where she has taught Ashtanga Yoga and given therapeutic massages to a big base of private clients.

Classes: Hatha for Beginners,  Ashtanga for beginners, Ashtanga LED class, Yoga Theraphy


Wien Yoga Pattaya2013 Start practicing yoga at Siam yoga Pattaya.
2015 Learn Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher training course 200 hour by Jimmy yoga.
2017 Learn Ashtanga yoga primary series teacher training 40 hour by David Swenson.
“I had done teaching freelance at 313 studio, Chang yoga studio, sun yoga studio, Kind yoga chada studio.”-say Wien


We have a good new for beginners! From November, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 Hatha for beginners. if you are afraid to start practicing yoga, then you just come to classes with magnificent Wien! .

Classes: Hatha yoga, Hatha Vinyasa yoga, Foundation.



Olga Barsukova – certified yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance International Om SHANTI OM SCHOOL g.Rishikesh in India, international certificate)

Certified instructor Fly Yoga ( International School of “Yoga in the air”, Moscow Russia)

Certified instructor Alpha Gravity (held training on copyright training for trainers Vladimir Jezierski Alpha Gravity, Moscow Russia)
founder of the fitness center Yostudio (Cheboksary).

Classes : Hatha Yoga, Fly Yoga

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