Samurai Mat


-Dimensions: 183 x 60 cm, 4 mm

-Weight: 2.5 kg

-Material: Natural Rubber

Instructions for care:

-Please carefully cleaned with a damp cloth.



A high-quality exercise mat made of natural rubber.

The Bodhi Samurai mat is made ​​of natural rubber reinforced with a cotton and jute eingeblasenem edge. The surface of natural rubber mats feels much grip than similar mats made ​​from plastic. The smell of the mat is due to the material and emphasizes the natural origin of the raw material.

This professional, heavy exercise mat provides good grip and absorbs shock. Ideal for stretching or satyananda sukham yoga. Natural rubber is a natural, highly durable and elastic material. Please note, that is limiting during aerobic exercises or moisture from the grip of yoga mats, or reduced.