Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow yoga in PattayaVinyasa Flow is one of the systems of Hatha Yoga. Based on the ideology of the classical Ashtanga Yoga system, the distinctive feature of Vinyasa Flow is that it combines a soft dynamic sequence of asanas (postures) and a strong power element. It harmoniously combines both static and dynamic in the sequence, synchronizing movement and breath. The difference from Ashtanga Yoga, is that in Vinyasa Flow there is no clearly fixed sequence of asanas. The sequences are arranged with preservation of continual movement and breathing, in varying order to keep classes fresh and lively, and according to the level of the student.

There is a special element involved in practice – Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a specific group of asanas that frame the main asana. Vinyasa is coordinated with the breath, and is executed very rapidly and rhythmically, in contrast to the main asana, that is static, and practiced longer, with calm and great focus. Because of the vinyasas, the body heats up, blood circulation and perspiration increase, so the body is purified from toxins. Because the body is heated, the risk of injury is reduced despite the “excessive zeal” in the implementation of the asanas.

Lesson also involves a special breathing technique – ujjayi, which also helps to create heat in the body and meditative state of mind. This practice combines conscious breathing, fluidity, evenness and quietness in the movement, a continuous focus of attention and dynamic vinyasa.

Vinyasa Flow is like a beautiful dance, whose special postures in conjunction with proper breathing provide peace of mind, health and longevity. You will discover all the possibilities of your body and feel the harmony between the world and yourself. Soon you will notice the body acquires slenderness and elasticity, and will feel an influx of strength less tiredness. This is a very dynamic practice that suits advanced students who already are confident in practice of static postures and want to make progress in their practice by adding dynamic and flowing Vinyasas and ujjayi.

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