Samurai Ultra Mat


Size: 183 x 60 cm, 4mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

Please note, with a lot of sweat or humidity the non-slip properties of the mat can be reduced because the mat does not absorb moisture and a film of sweat can lead to less grip on the mat.            



Samurai Ultra Mat

The Samurai Ultra is a professional, two-tone, yoga mat with a natural feel and good traction. The mat allows asanas (exercises) in a natural flow and at the same time offers stability and safety with good traction. The two-layered mat comes with a reinforcing natural fibre net between the two layers. Natural rubber in general feels rougher and has  better traction than most PVC mats. The Samurai  Ultra can be recommended for all styles of yoga. Ideal for Power and Hatha yoga. Natural rubber is a natural material and biodegradable, making this an ecological yoga mat. The slight rubber smell of the mats is proof of the natural origin of our raw material and present in all natural rubber products.

Instructions for care:

Clean the mat with a damp wet cloth or towel; you may ad some vinegar or lemon acid to the water. No machine or hand washing! Don`t put the mat in the dryer. Please just air drying. Keep away from direct sunlight.